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We specialize in auto lamp, auto light, car lamp, car light, auto mirror, auto bumper, auto grille, auto fender, auto hood, auto body part, etc and auto accessories. Having many auto parts for Audi, VW, Benz, BMW, PEUGEOT, OPEL, Ford, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, KIA, Toyota, Nissan, MITSUBISHI, Honda, GM, FIAT, etc. We have 17 years of exporting experience.

Most of our products are available for OEM orders. with 16 years of OEM experience, our factories meet the needs of our USA and Europe OEM clients without fail. We are able to develop new products in just one week according to your samples. Our capacity is more than one million units a month.

In compliance with the ISO /TS 16949 quality management guideline, Our factories have earned the TUV seal of approval and implement AQL quality testing on all of our goods, so you can rest assured when you order from us. We aim to be your long-term business partner.

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